Over 20 years manufacturing inflatable castles. Sales of Inflatable Castles in Spain, exporting to Europe.
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We rent Inflatable Castles in Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Mijas, Coín, and surrounding areas.
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Inflatable Castles in Spain


Over 20 years developing products. Sales of inflatables.


Large stock for inflatable castle rentals in Malaga.


Extending the useful life, we repair inflatables.


At Zeta Dos Inflatables, we dedicate ourselves to children’s and adult’s leisure. We are manufacturers of all types and sizes of games and inflatable castles. We engage in the sale and rental of inflatables. We have over 20 years of experience in the sector, which has given us the ability to provide the best service and offer quality products.

We rent inflatables throughout the province of Malaga, especially on the Costa del Sol and nearby towns, for all types of events. We have a large stock of inflatables for parties in restaurants, halls, clubs, schools, residences, urbanizations, etc.

In the case of inflatable sales, we cover all of Spain and some nearby countries like Portugal, Morocco, and France.

The goal of Zetados Inflatables is to provide our clients with safety, trust, and commitment so that they can enjoy our products and services.

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We offer a wide variety of models. We conduct sales of inflatable castles in Spain and EU countries. Choose and contact us.

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We have various models for inflatable castle rentals in Malaga. Choose the one you like and contact us to learn about the coverage.

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MANUFACTURE AND SALE of inflatable castles

At ZetaDos Inflatables, we develop the entire manufacturing process of the inflatable castles, including approvals and permits to have a safe and reliable product. Our long-standing clients continue to trust in our commitment and the quality of our inflatables.

Tobogan spiderman hinchable

All our products come with a warranty of up to two years.


We are a company from Coín dedicated to renting inflatables throughout the province of Malaga. We have a large stock of games, for young children, middle-aged children, and adults.


At ZETADOS, we offer inflatable repair services. We consider it important as it prevents a game from deteriorating further and becoming finally unusable. It also extends the life of the game, thus obtaining greater profitability for inflatable rental companies.



At Zetados Inflatables, we have a wide variety of inflatable models: Aquatic, ramps, slides, sports, competition, and advertising… see inflatable castles for rent.

It depends on the inflatable model. But to give a reference of the most rented, there are sizes from 4×3 with a ramp at 2.30 meters high, to 6×4 in slides and ramps up to 3.5 meters high. Aquatic ones without a pool are about 5 meters long by approximately 3 meters wide, and with a pool about 4 meters long plus 3 meters wide.

We operate throughout the province of Malaga, especially the entire Costa del Sol and nearby towns. Mainly, we offer inflatable rental services in Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Mijas, Coín, and surroundings.

Our inflatable games are EU-regulated, having all the safety measures in manufacturing the inflatables and when setting them up. Additionally, we have liability insurance.

The rental of an inflatable ranges from €50 for pickup from our facilities to €150, depending on the type of inflatable and the distance traveled to set it up.


Our inflatables comply with EU regulations regarding the quality of the material (top-quality canvas, double stitching, and reinforcements in areas that suffer the most) and safety measures.

We have a wide variety of inflatable castle models and inflatable games: Aquatic, ramps, slides, sports, competition, and advertising… see inflatable castles for sale.

We deal in the sale of inflatable castles in Spain and some European Union countries. If you are interested in purchasing an Inflatable Castle, please write to us so we can provide the appropriate advice.

We have all sizes available, but it depends on the model of the inflatable. Any size you desire can be manufactured without any issues.

Yes, we can make custom models of inflatable castles and games. This includes custom sizes, designs, and colors.

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